Welcome to Narooma Self Storage where we provide the most modern, clean and secure Self Storage facility on the NSW South Coast.

Self Storage Narooma is a Container Free FacilityNarooma Self Storage – Newest Secure Storage Facility on the Coast. This state of the art facility was completed on March 7th, 2016 and opened for business on March 16th 2016.

A combination of modern construction, the best CCTV technology and state of the art 24/7 customer access equipment has set a new standard for Self Storage on the coast. We DO NOT use Shipping Containers… our facility has been custom built to the highest standard to ensure the integrity of your possessions is not compromised.

Comprising of 38 individual units located at 6 Hopkins Place in the middle of Narooma Industrial Estate this complex provides a user friendly solution for all your storage needs.

For more information please call Narooma Self Storage 0474 879 585

We encourage you to personally inspect every storage facility before you decide who to entrust with your valued possessions.

Narooma Self Storage
24/7 Personal Access – 24hr Video Surveillance – Clean and Highly Secure
Narooma Self Storage is Individual Modern Units built with Concrete, Blocks and Colour Bond