Secure Storage Narooma

CCTV Secure Storage Narooma

Secure Storage Narooma – Being located on an elevated block in the Narooma Industrial Estate makes this facility very secure.

Monitored 24hrs per day by constant CCTV surveillance that stores vision on hard drives ‘off site’ ensures the facility is 100% monitored and backed up.

During night hours the complex is under lights every night of the year.

Self Storage Narooma is a Container Free FacilityOur entry system is accessible 24/7 by way of personalized entry codes to our customers. This system records all the gate openings 24/7 and forms part of our overall security package.

Our staff are at the facility every day doing visual checks of the entire property, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your possessions.

We encourage you to personally inspect every storage facility before you decide who to entrust with your valued possessions.

Narooma Self Storage
24/7 Personal Access – 24hr Video Surveillance – Clean and Highly Secure
Narooma Self Storage is Individual Modern Units built with Concrete, Blocks and Colour Bond